Researching Your Artist

Researching Your Artist

My biggest pieces of advice for anybody interested in having ombre brows or microblading treatments is simple…

Do your research!

Sometimes, however, this is easier said than done. There are so many options and so much conflicting advice, it can be hard to determine the right artist for you. Unfortunately, as with any industry, there are also plenty of people ready and willing to con you out of your money with sub-par work and questionable marketing practices. Just this past week I was horrified to discover that somebody had been using my videos and the work of other respected artists and claiming it as their own.

With all this to contend with, how can you be certain that the amazing artist you are viewing is actually as good as they claim to be? There are a few little warning signs you can look out for including:

1, Check the consistency of the artists work. If they post beautiful brows in one picture then lower standard work in the next, there’s a possibility that the higher quality work isn’t their own.

2, Try not to be tempted by deals that seem too good to be true. Unfortunately, they usually are. Ombre and Microblading artists who are trained to a high standard are always taught to value the quality of their work. Microblading, when done right, is a complex, timely procedure which requires intense concentration from your artist and this is usually reflected in the cost. Those groupon deals may seem like a good idea at the time but can be more costly and undesirable in the long run.

3, Finally, and most importantly, read as many reviews as you can from an artist’s previous clients. Client feedback has been incredibly important to the growth of my salon and I proudly display my ratings for all to see. The following are all reviews left willingly by satisfied customers and can be viewed directly on my facebook page here.

“I had the absolute pleasure of having my eyebrows microbladed by Rebecca. From start to finish, she guided me through the whole process and carried out the microblading with so much care and precision. I am due for my top up in a couple of weeks and I can’t wait to see them completed. I have always hated my eyebrows and dreaded drawing them on every morning. I can honestly say that I absolutely love them now and so many people have commented on how natural they look. I would highly recommend Rebecca. Thank you so much!”

“After years of over plucking my brows were patchy and rubbish! I was recommended Becky by a couple of friends, and having looked at the results showed on all the pics, I decided to take the plunge! I wanted a natural look, and was a little nervous but at the initial consultation Becky put me at ease straight away. She is so professional and obviously passionate about her work, a real perfectionist! I love my new natural beautifully shaped brows – just had my top up today, and have to say she’s a genius!! Thanks Becky”

“I’ve just had the most wonderful experience having my eyebrows mircrobladed with Rebecca Morey!

Her service and attention to detail was exceptional and the results are superb, she is a pure perfectionist!

Anyone thinking about or trying to find someone they can trust, i 100% recommend Emporium Beauty Specialists.”

“Thank you Becky for my fabulous eyebrows, professional from start to finish and totally put me at ease after discussing my fears as I was extremely nervous!! I can highly recommend Becky, she listened to what I wanted and the results look amazing and exactly what I wanted. Thank you xx”

As stated above, doing your research can be tricky. These days, everybody knows somebody who has been scammed or mis-sold a service. These three simple steps can help you to feel more confident in your decision making when choosing an artist. Take the time to ensure you are putting your brows in a safe pair of hands.

Emporium Beauty Specialists

Time For Summer Brows!

Time For Summer Brows!

I love this time of year. The sun is starting to shine, the birds are singing and the first flowers of summer are starting to grow. It’s a time for change and renewal, not just for the plants, but for your brows too! Now is the perfect time to book in for all your microblading treatments, whether it be an exciting new treatment or a well deserved refresh.

I always see a rush in my diary once the summer months approach, with clients wanting to look their best for their holidays. I’m going to let you into a little secret…booking now will not only get you priority appointments before the rush, but also ensures that your brow game will be on point for the height of the summer months.

From initial consultation to final essential top up, we can be looking at a period of time of up to 8 weeks. Your brows will settle and look good in the interim, but they will truly shine once your complimentary essential top up has been completed. So, for example, if you are looking to go away in June or July, April is the best month for your microblading treatments.

Just like the tiny seedlings grow into beautiful flowers by mid summer, so can your brows!

You can message me through the booking form on the front page of my website, or feel free to contact me through my facebook page or my instagram page for more information.

Emporium Beauty Specialists

Academy-S Grand Class

Academy-S Grand Class

I am delighted to announce that myself and Joanne have been invited to be judges and also demonstrate our skils at the Academy-S Grand Class in The Ukraine this summer. It really is an honour to attend as the sole representatives of the Microblading division of Academy-S at this prestigious event. I look forward to sharing more information as the event draws nearer! Be sure to follow our FaceBook and Instagram pages for all the latest details.

Training Courses

Training Courses

Our Microblading Master Rebecca is now offering fully accredited Academy-S Microblading training! There are still limited places available for the next course in Louth, Ireland on April 14th and 15th. See below for more information and email Rebecca at to register your interest.

Why Should You Learn with Rebecca and Joanne?

Rebecca is one of the founding Microblading Masters of Academy-S who has helped shape the training modules you will learn. Joanne Woods joins Rebecca as Ireland’s first and only Academy-S Master. In joining forces, they are committed to providing that you receive the time and attention necessary to become the best you can be. Rebecca and Joanne have a wealth of industry experience and knowledge that they willingly share with their students. With successful clinics in both England and Ireland, this is a unique opportunity to learn with two international leading Masters of their craft. Learn beyond the course syllabus and use their expertise to help shape your new career. Rebecca’s unique Microblading techniques have been adopted by Academy-S as one of their signature learning methods with Academy-S Artists worldwide. Rebecca and Joanne will guide you step by step from infancy to maturity as an acclaimed Academy-S artist.

Why choose Academy S?

Academy-S combines the structure and techniques of more traditional training courses with a patented ‘Freestyle’ learning approach. You will not only learn the basics, but also a wide range of skills and techniques to help you stand head and shoulders above the rest. When completing an Academy-S course, we are confident that you will have all the tools necessary to provide your future clients with long lasting, realistic looking eyebrows, giving them the shape, density and fullness, they desire. Academy-S was founded by Sviatoslav Ostenasch which has been recognised as the international market leader in PMU (Permanent Make-up) since its inception. As the number of options to potential microblading students has increased in recent years, Academy-S is the first to offer a unique, forward-thinking course, designed with long term success in mind.

What will YOU get from this unique and fresh course?

Your time with Joanne and Rebecca does not end after your two-day course. This is just the beginning. You will have access to
daily 1 to 1 support from your Masters, comprehensive online learning and tutorials as well as in depth critique of your work as you progress through the course. Over a period of six months, you will continue to improve and develop advanced techniques thanks to the exclusive support of your Masters. Above everything else, Joanne and Rebecca are committed to ensuring that you have all the skills you need to turn Microblading into the career you always wanted. Through hard work and determination, they have made this a reality for themselves and are eager to pass on their knowledge and experience to the next generation of Microblading artists. Microblading can be a rewarding career, both personally and financially. Rebecca and Joanne have built their reputations on hard work and dedication and as such, find themselves in high demand. If you are prepared to work hard and learn beyond the basics, then Academy-S Microblading UK & Ireland is the perfect course for you.