The True Cost Of Microblading

The True Cost Of Microblading

When people contact me about Microblading and Ombre Brows, one of the first questions that always comes up is the price. It is, of course, understandable that cost is such an important factor when considering the treatment. It is a big investment and a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. With that being said, it has always been my belief that Microblading and Powder Brows are among the most cost effective treatments in the entire beauty industry.

First of all, let’s consider how much we spend on eyebrow maintenance each year. In 2015, a study by The British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology (BABTAC) found that the average British woman spends £200 pounds on their eyebrows. A massive 81% of women surveyed said they considered eyebrow maintenance to be a vital part of their daily routine, averaging 49 minutes per week spent on caring for their brows.

As I said, this study was conducted 4 years ago in 2015, right at the start of the eyebrow revolution. I can only speculate, but given how the demand for perfect brows has only increased and from conversations with my clients, I can only imagine that the £200 per month figure has increased in the last few years. Be that as it may, if we use the £200 figure as a guide, this works out at £18.50 spent on brows every month.

Microblading and Powder brow treatments at Emporium Beauty Specialists works out at £25 per month. Yes, this is slightly higher than the £18.50, but remember that you will also be saving yourself almost an hour a week from your daily beauty regime. (Again, I think for most people reading this, we would admit to spending longer than 49 minutes on our brows per week before having a semi-permanent treatment!)

Now, here’s where things get interesting…

The majority of my clients treatments last them much longer than 12 months due to the high quality of the pigments I use and the precision of the work. On average, I perform a refresh top up every 18 months. In many cases, this can stretch to as long as 24 months, which is why my top up prices reflect this high rate of retention. So, if we take the average 18 month retention rate, your Microblading or Powder Brow treatment becomes £16.60 per month.  If you are fortunate enough to achieve 24 month retention, this figure reduces even further to £12.50 per month!

Let’s now compare this to another sector of the beauty industry; hair care. A 2017 study found that, on average, British women spend £756 pounds on their hair each year. That’s a whopping £63 per month. This may seem like a very high figure, but when you factor in salon visits and home hair care products, the numbers soon add up.

Maybe it’s a little unfair to compare prices to hair care…how about we look at hair removal? The Average woman spends £23,000 over the course of her lifetime to remove unwanted hair. That’s some £320 per year, or £26.60 per month.

With hair, wanted or otherwise, we usually don’t realise quite how much we are spending. It’s usually a case of smaller amounts being paid over a longer period of time. My point is, it all adds up. Yes, Microblading and Powder Brow treatments are a big initial investment, but when we work out the money and time we are saving over the course of the treatments lifespan, it really is an investment worth making.



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