Lip tattoos are designed specifically for the lips; they’re done in a particular way and are classed as permanent makeup. Different lip tattoos include lip blush, lip liner, and lipstick. Depending on the design and the placement of the lip tattoo, it can enhance your lip color and shape or make them appear fuller.

Lip tattoos are applied using a specific cosmetic tattoo machine; this machine implants cosmetic pigment into the papillary layer of the skin, leaving the lips looking naturally brighter in color. The cosmetic pigment used is mainly natural, making an allergic reaction highly unlikely. There is always some risk of infection or allergic reaction though with any permanent makeup procedure. Choosing an artist with ample training and experience who creates their work in a sterile environment is essential. Many people tend to swell after lip blushing, but it tends to be mild. If swelling is severe, you should contact your practitioner immediately. Although rarer than swelling, bruising can occur after this procedure; however, it will heal in time while the pigment settles into your skin. As with most tattoo procedures, there may be grittiness or flaking during healing as well as oozing of lymph fluids; these are all completely normal parts of the healing process for this kind of tattoo!

Tattoos have been around for a long time, and although lip tattoos were not done correctly for a long time, they were still around for many years before they became a fashion trend.

Over time, our lips tend to lose their plumpness and color. This is the result of both genetics and aging. Some of us are born with pale or thin lips. In contrast, others develop sensitivities to lipsticks and lip glosses that contain a range of ingredients that can either keep our lips looking healthy as we age or make them even more prominent signs of age appearance-wise.

A retouch session is always scheduled to amplify the color and address any imperfections following healing, but as with eyeliner, very little, if any, added adjustments may be required. With tattooed lips, everything depends on your lifestyle! If you don’t protect them from the sun and environmental damage, they will look tired and worn out. They’ll start producing a lot less of their natural oil that comes with getting older. In these new times of face masks, a lip treatment really does make sense!